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Reasons Why You Should Join A Badminton Club.

Badminton remains one of the most favoured sports globally and stands as the premier racket sport in the UK, complete with initiatives to boost participation, offering prime prospects for you to enlist at your local badminton club.

I've been fortunate enough to be part of the sports scene for nearly a decade now, with my membership in a badminton club spanning the last five years. Join me as I present compelling reasons why you should hop on board the badminton bandwagon.


I vividly recall the apprehension I felt when I first joined a badminton club. Is there anything more daunting than venturing into a new environment, not knowing a soul?

Yet, I distinctly remember the laid-back ambience and how the club members were warm and friendly and ensured I felt right at home. Despite my frequent encounters with the net, much like a determined fisherman, my doubles partner wore a continuous smile and offered unwavering encouragement. Over time, you forge enduring friendships and meet delightful individuals whose company you'll relish both on and off the court.


Many people may envision tennis or squash as the fastest racket sports around. However, if you're fortunate enough to witness elite badminton up close, you'll swiftly grasp that a shuttlecock can traverse at astonishing speeds, outpacing the two sports I mentioned earlier. The fastest recorded smash in badminton is a mind-boggling 414 kilometres per hour, a testament to the astonishing velocity and incredible reflexes required at the highest level. Prepare to be astounded.


Acquiring a racket is all you need to embark on the journey of becoming a versatile court virtuoso. Your club will provide shuttlecocks every week and ensure exclusive court bookings on specific days for club members. Over time, you might even indulge in purpose-designed badminton footwear. When you factor in your membership and playing fees, you'll discover that badminton remains a far more budget-friendly pursuit compared to sports like golf or tennis.


Badminton takes a demanding toll on the body, but consistent play will challenge and enhance various aspects of your fitness. Rapid changes in direction demand exceptional agility, while the dynamic movement patterns inherent to the sport will cultivate your explosive strength and power. The shuttlecock's unpredictable flight and gruelling rallies will swiftly bolster your physical conditioning.


Engaging in a game of badminton is undeniably enjoyable. I can't help but break into a smile during an endless rally. Off the court, you'll have ample time to share laughter and jokes with fellow members. But having the competitive side of badminton is what drives you to become a better more established player at your club.

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